Baler Twines

Our baler twine is strong, dependable, durable, versatile and guaranteed!

Today’s larger bales require stronger twine. Continuous testing and research guarantees the best quality and the latest technology on the market. You can count on our baler twine for tighter bales, stronger knots and bales that don’t break apart.
You can depend on our baler twine to hold consistently high quality knots because it is made to exacting specifications under a quality controlled environment equaled by few.
Polypropylene baler twine is UV treated to perform better during extended exposure to the elements and it is rot and mildew resistant.
Our baler twine works in all heavy-duty balers. Knotter modification is not necessary in properly adjusted balers.
We guarantee our baler twine – contact us with all of your twine- related questions.
Big Square Baler Twine: Strong and uniform for heavier balers; made to be consistent to reduce knotter problems and wear; and UV treated for longer outdoor storage.
Small Square Baler Twine: Manufactured with a smooth, soft texture to reduce knotter wear; knots cinch down tight without slippage; and UV treated for outdoor storage.

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